GINGER is one of those ancient herbs which has been used for centuries in Indian and Chinese cultures as an Ancient medicine. There is a reason why Ginger has been considered an important part of the food for generations. Although not many researches, Equipements, and diagnostic kits were available at that time still a lot fewer drugs were taken for common ailments like flu and gastrointestinal bugs.
According to a study published in 2013, Ginger has been proved to have antiviral activity against the human respiratory syncytial virus (HRSV).
Another study published in 2013,( on the possible healing powers of Ginger in Gastrointestinal Cancers(however further clinical studies are recommended).
Ginger, when combined with honey, has tremendous healing powers and is even effective against some drug-resistant bacterias(
As there is so much panic going on presently in relation to the COVID 19 and scientists are still busy finding the cure of this virus, so in the meantime why should not we focus on the home remedies which has been tried and tested since generations and now when there is plenty of proof available to support their effectiveness against viruses and bacterias.
I’m sharing GINGER HONEY LEMON TEA  Recipe with you all which is super simple to make and has amazing health benefits.
Step 1:

Take 1 large glass of water, grate some fresh ginger in it and put it to boil.Let it boil properly and then simmer it for around 5 mins.Turn off the heat after it has boiled on low heat for around 5 mins, now you will be able to smell the aroma of fresh ginger instantly.
Step 2:

Add honey – I prefer adding Manuka Honey, around 1 tsp of honey but you can add little more or less honey according to your taste. I generally use a small fork to mix honey which I think works well for me but you can use a small spoon if you prefer.
Step 3:

Filter out the ginger tea in the cup with honey.
Step 4:

Squeeze half a lemon in a cup(you can add some more or less according to your taste) Lemon will not only provide you with the required dose of vit C you need to kick off those nasty viruses and bugs but also it is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.
Step 5:

Mix lemon and honey well in the ginger tea and enjoy this awesomely healthy tea either in the morning or after supper.If you would like to Know more Recipes with Ginger Lemon, check out my previous blog
It’s my all-time favorite tea and I like to have it after lunch and dinner.I hope you enjoy this tea recipe and enjoy its amazing health benefits 🥰