Integrative medicine "your best chance of permanently treating chronic diseases."

Chronic diseases (long term diseases) are a global health burden. According to WHO (World Health Organization), Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide.

Globally, every One in Three people suffers from multiple CHRONIC Conditions. In NZ alone, chronic health issues make up to 87.3% of all health loss, which has increased from 82.5% in 1990.

Long term health issues can be Musculoskeletal, Skin issues, Cardiovascular, Mental illnesses, Diabetes, cancers, and others.


These can all hamper the quality of life, especially in the adult population. Imagine what it is like to be crippled by these health issues & the effect on your everyday life.

I have treated many patients who have been too embarrassed to wear certain clothes because of their chronic skin condition.

Some of my patients were unable to enjoy everyday activities because of their chronic health issues.

Just one of the many examples:

I have successfully treated a lady suffering from Chronic Eczema – she had it all over her legs & hands and was spreading fast on other parts of the body. Along with her skin symptoms of intolerable itch and rash, she always felt irritated and gloomy. She couldn’t even wear short clothes and always tried to keep herself completely covered to avoid embarrassment.

She took the treatment (exclusive skin wellness program) for nearly six months and religiously followed all the advice.

Her symptoms got better, doesn’t need conventional ointments anymore, and there were no relapses. She feels much happier now and is so pleased with her progress.

As you can imagine, chronic diseases impact individuals physically, mentally & emotionally.


This ties in with the WHO definition of Health. WHO states: Health is a state of complete physical, mental & emotional well-being and not merely the absence of disease.

Which means to treat a person inflicted with chronic disease, we as physicians should focus on treating him as a whole and not only on a physical level.

Integrated or Holistic medicine therapies treat a person as a whole –  Physically, Mentally, emotionally, socially, and environmentally.


As an Integrated practitioner, I provide you with homeopathic or herbal remedies and ointments (as needed). I will also offer you guidance around the specific Diet, nutritional supplements, and new perspectives and habits to heal you holistically.

The results of integrated treatment therapy can be phenomenal – the overall health conditions and the quality of life are improved, and the dependency on conventional medicines is remarkably reduced.

My purpose is to treat and eventually heal my patients with chronic health issues through a holistic approach to treatment by creating a customized & individualized Wellness program.

I want to give my patients not only their Health but also their quality of life.

Through the Exclusively customized Wellness programs, I provide my patients with the support and accountability they need to make the required changes. Holistic healing takes time – there is no magic silver bullet, or magic potion that can create chronic diseases disappear overnight; however, through treating the real cause and not just the symptoms, the chronic issue can recover forever.

And that means that you can get back to living a life that you love – doing what you love.