In order to achieve and maintain optimal physical and mental health, it’s not only what we eat is important but also how the food is prepared, what is the food source and even how is the food packed plays a vital role.
According to a study published in NCBI, health care expenditure has rapidly increased in the U.S since the past 3 decades- In 1965, $41.1 billion were spent for health care (comprising 5.7% national GDP) whereas, in 1998, healthcare expenditure is increased to $1.1 trillion(comprising 13.5% of national GDP).Even though the rate of infectious diseases in on decline, yet non-infectious diseases have increased drastically.. the statistics are surprising. So, where are we going wrong… even though we are living in an era of best medical advancements still we are more mentally and physically sick than ever.

Its time, we need to realize that we should be paying more attention to the utensils we are cooking food in, say no to Teflon coated pans and even aluminum(I’ll be discussing in one of my blogs soon about hazards of cooking in aluminum).Start cooking in those vintage Cast Iron or in steel cookpots… in today’s blog, my focus will be on the amazing Cast iron pans.
Below mentioned are top 5 reasons you should start cooking in those Iron pans:

1: Adds Iron to your food with no extra effort – Countries like India, China, Japan, and Korea have a long history of using cast iron utensils. In Europe, the use of cast iron pots was quite popular during the first half of the 20th century but later because of the introduction of Teflon coated non-stick pans. But in fact, it wasn’t a very good idea… Cast iron utensils were providing us with such good iron supply with no extra effort and Teflon is to date providing us with potential carcinogens in our food.Various studies have proven that Cooking food in Cast iron pots can significantly increase iron content in foods especially the acidic ones. A study published in the July 1986 issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association showed that cooking in cast iron skillets added significant amounts of iron to 20 foods tested. For example, it was reported that the iron content of three ounces of applesauce increased from 0.35 mg to 7.3 mg and scrambled eggs increased from 1.49 mg to 4.76 mg of iron. Also, it is advisable that after cooking in cast iron skillets or pots, transfer the food to serving bowls so that you get just the right amount of iron needed by our body.

2: Strong and sturdy – These wonderful pots can actually stand anything, even if you drop them, scratch them, heat to high temperatures. After all iron is one of the strongest material you can use in the kitchen.Even if it rusts, just put some coconut oil on it and wipe with paper towels and it’ll be good to use.
3: Less oil- Iron pots should be cleaned properly after cooking and lubricated with some oil if you remember this simple step of oiling the pan after use … the next time you use it, it will definitely use less oil in cooking. And, why scared of oil.. just use the magical coconut oil or ghee and your body will be thankful to you 🙂

4: This one can handle the Heat baby – You can use these Iron pots for cooking on stovetop, grilling, even cooking on an open campfire. It can handle any heat and gives even cooking to the food.Cast Iron pots can withstand the highest of temperatures … after all that is why iron was so popular with blacksmiths.

5: Saves money – Spend money on cast iron pots or even iron teapots once and it’ll go forever… pass it on to grandkids and they will thank you (also remember you) whenever they use it.You can either buy cast iron pots from garage sales as well. (some people really don’t know their importance.
I’m also including 3 simple steps you can take to maintain the iron pots :
Taking care of these super pots :If you re thinking that it’s so difficult to maintain these iron pots, then you’re just mistaken because its just a 3 step process for these super pots —Wash the pots with dishwashing liquid soon after meal preparation (or soak it for sometime before washing if you think the pot is sticky at the moment).pls, do not put these in your dishwasher.-Dry it with a kitchen cloth or paper towel to absorb all the moisture-Coat a thin layer of oil.
I have two sizes of cast iron skillets myself, both were gifted by my mum and I have been using them for the last 6 years and still going strong… It just takes 5 minutes after the meals to keep them going for years… Believe me, they are going to last more than you 😉